The other day I figured out how to track your Twitter handle’s ReTweets using Google Reader. This is not only an effective way to see how viral your tweets are but also a great FREE option for SMB’s and Enterprises alike.

This was born out of a need of mine. For a long time the reports I ran for work relied on 3rd party sites like Tweetstats, Twittercounter and more. Although these are great sites and offer a lot of value, the information I got back didn’t always add up to what really happened over the course of the week. In fact on many occasions it didn’t align at all.

So after a few searches and beers I hacked my way through it and thought I’d share to the general public.

This is really efficient and effective…not to mention FREE. And who doesn’t love FREE?

How To Track RT’s with Google Reader:

Open up your Google Reader account and on the left hand side click “Browse For Stuff.”

How to track ReTweet using Google Reader

Google Reader

Click on the ‘Search’ tab
Scroll down to the bottom where it says, “Track keywords and searches” and instead of searching for eBay search for Twitter.
Now all you have to do is enter in your search query: RT @username -from:@username

How to track ReTweets using Google Reader

Again just enter in this query: RT @username -from:@username so if I wanted to track my own personal account I’d enter in RT @freydrew -from:@freydrew

Hopefully after this process you’ll see something like this:

How to track ReTweet using Google Reader

Please let me know if this works for you. I’d love to hear back from the community!