Doing It So Wrong: Versace

Wouldn’t it be great to mute all of those haters and naysayers out there who makes fun of you? If only there was a way to hit a button and have all of your enemies competitors quiet down! If you could will there be any blow back? Will people lash out?




Versace recently shut down commenting on its Facebook Page after activists covered its Wall with messages protesting the Italian fashion powerhouse use of sandblasting; you know, that cool A&F look that was so popular when you were in 7th grade.  These ‘killer jeans’ have been hurting and literally killing workers for years due to the extensive process it takes to give the jeans that worn out look. The process requires firing sand under high pressure at the expense of the workers. Anyone who inhales large amounts of this dust can contract a lethal pulmonary disease.

We’re dealing with people’s lives here. It’s not like the Versace Facebook community is upset about prices or the latest trend; these people are concerned with the well-being of the very workers who make the jeans they buy.

This is an absolutely AWFUL way to take care of a serious issue.


 Doing It So Wrong: Versace