SocialBro: The Holy Grail

Why is it that sometimes one tweet receives higher engagement than another?

Maybe it’s the content itself. Some people just don’t care about your lovely ham sandwich you instagramed. (Then again it’s Instagram so anything is possible.)

sociabro SocialBro: The Holy Grail


SocialBro is here to help you

Have you ever considered the time of day in which you sent the tweet out? If so read on because I’ve looked over all of my tweets (both professional and personal) over the last month to try and define why some tweets work out better than others.

What I found it that it all comes down to data. Enter SocialBro.

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How To Track RT’s with Google Reader

The other day I figured out how to track your Twitter handle’s ReTweets using Google Reader. This is not only an effective way to see how viral your tweets are but also a great FREE option for SMB’s and Enterprises alike.

This was born out of a need of mine. For a long time the reports I ran for work relied on 3rd party sites like Tweetstats, Twittercounter and more. Although these are great sites and offer a lot of value, the information I got back didn’t always add up to what really happened over the course of the week. In fact on many occasions it didn’t align at all.

So after a few searches and beers I hacked my way through it and thought I’d share to the general public.

This is really efficient and effective…not to mention FREE. And who doesn’t love FREE?

How To Track RT’s with Google Reader:

Open up your Google Reader account and on the left hand side click “Browse For Stuff.” 2011 9 14 19 36 5 How To Track RTs with Google Reader
Google Reader

Click on the ‘Search’ tab
Scroll down to the bottom where it says, “Track keywords and searches” and instead of searching for eBay search for Twitter.
Now all you have to do is enter in your search query: RT @username -from:@username 2011 9 14 19 38 44 How To Track RTs with Google Reader

Again just enter in this query: RT @username -from:@username so if I wanted to track my own personal account I’d enter in RT @freydrew -from:@freydrew

Hopefully after this process you’ll see something like this: 2011 9 14 19 44 37 How To Track RTs with Google Reader

Please let me know if this works for you. I’d love to hear back from the community!

Follow Friday: Doing It Wrong

Follow Friday is a time honored tradition in the Twitterverse that is cherished by few and whored out by many.

It’s simple right? Tell all of your followers who you (personally) like to follow so that they too can enjoy the wonderful things that this person has to say.

Time and time again I see a #FF tweet look like this: 2011 7 15 19 4 56 Follow Friday: Doing It Wrong

What’s wrong with that you say?


If you really want to get the most out of #FF you need to let everyone know WHY this person is so cool. Give me a reason to follow someone and maybe I will.

Tell us that @xyz is a master in their field or is your best friend or offers insight into _________ or can score me free tickets to a concert.

Too often people just toss together a bunch of random handles which turns #FF into a big nasty mess that not only makes me resent Follow Friday but also makes me not participate in it.


Bottom Line: Just limit your #FF to one handle and tell us why we should care.


The New Twitter Follow Button

Twitter has launched a follow button allowing visitors to instantly follow Twitter accounts directly from websites.

There are over 50 websites who are currently using the follow button like Wired, Huffington Post and soon to be


follow button The New Twitter Follow Button

I like their direction with the look of the button itself. There’s no mention of ‘Twitter’ but then again, there doesn’t need to be. A user can click on the button and instantly follow the account immediately; if you want to read the latest tweets and take a look of their profile, just click the username next to the Follow button.

Impressive really. In the last month or so Twitter bought Tweetdeck, introduced its very own photo service (goodbye TwitPic & yFrog) and now this.

What Is A Tweetup?

Twitter sticker logos

If you’ve been on Twitter long enough then you obviously understand what’s going on and you don’t have to read any further.

In fact you might as well go over to my other blog and groove out to the not so smooth sounds and crack open a beer.


enjoying party vector wide What Is A Tweetup?

Now that I’m here with you, young Twitter user,  let’s go through exactly what a Tweetup is.

Tweetups are the absolute best way to meet other people on Twitter IRL (in real life) outside of the magic that is the Twitterverse. You can have a Tweetup for any reason you like…in fact sometimes it’s more fun if you don’t even have a reason other than to only say, ‘hello’ to the people you follow.

Ok, you’re stoked that you’re actually going to meet the folks you send Cat videos to day in and day out but you need a place. Pick a place that’s fun, not pretentious and has cheep booze. Let’s face it, no one likes spending $14 on a drink unless the ice cubes are made with a copper press.

Copper Press What Is A Tweetup?

Kickass! Now the only thing you need to do is let people know what’s going on. Sending individual tweets is one way but how about using a service that collects those tweets and really makes an event out of it.

This is where Twtvite comes into play. Easily create your group, assign it a category so others can search for it, determine if you want it to be public vs private (if you’re really getting crazy), add images or video, give your Twitter friends the details and if you’re really something special maybe you’ll have a sponsor to pay for the alcohol party favors.

Twtvite will save all of the tweets using the right hashtag so that you’ll have an easy time recreating the experience days after the tweetup is over.

And by the way if it really is a business function, head over to TwitBizCard and create your business card with Twitter. No use carrying around the lame ones work gave you. Feel good about it, you’re not killing trees.

While you’re at the Tweetup do NOT:

  • Give people the cold shoulder. Talking to the 13 year old WoW fan can be just as important as talking with Stepan Pachikov
  • Have bad name tags. If I can’t see your twitter handle, chances are we’re not going to talk with one another.
  • Half ass it. Putting anything together in the 11th hour usually turns out poor. Tweetups are no different.


So there are the basics friends. When are you going to organize your first tweetup?