Social Networking: 1921

This is a complete rip from my good friend Nick Seguin but I thought it should be repeated.

The Boys Are Back in Town
Nothing like the most influential minds sitting around a fire.

That would be  Henry Ford, Thomas Edison , Warren G. Harding, and Harvey Firestone in  Maryland, 1921. They called themselves the ‘vagabonds’ which always makes me laugh. This crew was hardly ‘roughing it.’ In fact more than 40 people were hanging with Harding alone; including Secret Service, 10 photographers and maybe Turtle. Other people in the group included cooks, maintenance staff, family, friends and truck drivers.

Who wants some Avion?

It’s hard to believe but the internet didn’t exist back then so instead of people watching funny cat videos, 100’s of onlookers came out in droves to just watch these guys roast marshmallows.

Can you imagine the conversations they had?