SocialBro: The Holy Grail

Why is it that sometimes one tweet receives higher engagement than another?

Maybe it’s the content itself. Some people just don’t care about your lovely ham sandwich you instagramed. (Then again it’s Instagram so anything is possible.)

sociabro SocialBro: The Holy Grail


SocialBro is here to help you

Have you ever considered the time of day in which you sent the tweet out? If so read on because I’ve looked over all of my tweets (both professional and personal) over the last month to try and define why some tweets work out better than others.

What I found it that it all comes down to data. Enter SocialBro.

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The Day the Internet Stood Still

January 18th will go down in history as the day tens of millions of internet users around the entire world decided to give SOPA a piece of their mind. SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) an anti-piracy bill working its way through Congress that would grant content creators extraordinary power over the internet which would go almost comedically unchecked to the point of potentially creating an ‘Internet Blacklist.”

Quick Facts:

  • Over 115,00 Websites and 13 Million Internet Users participated in the protest
  • 50,000 Sites were blacked out completely
    • Google
    • Wikipedia
    • Craigslist
    • Ebay
  • 400,000 calls to congress

If you participated on the 18th, give yourself a pat on the back; you changed the world.

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Social Media ROI Revisited [Infograph]

ROI or Return on Investment regarding Social Media is and has always been a hot topic. Some people think that it’s nearly impossible to track an accurate Social Media ROI while others believe the idea of quantifying ROI from Social Media platforms misses the entire point.

Anymore I’m not sure where I stand but it’s hard to justify spending money on programs that fail to show any results.

The guide below is something all Social Media Marketers (including myself) should plaster on the walls of their office just in case you get sidetracked from time to time. *Not to mention that being able to answer all of these questions with data will make you look really good in front of your boss.

social media analytics Social Media ROI Revisited [Infograph]


Social Networking: 1921

This is a complete rip from my good friend Nick Seguin but I thought it should be repeated.

tumblr lmql89YkSk1qzde7qo1 500 300x204 Social Networking: 1921
Nothing like the most influential minds sitting around a fire.

That would be  Henry Ford, Thomas Edison , Warren G. Harding, and Harvey Firestone in  Maryland, 1921. They called themselves the ‘vagabonds’ which always makes me laugh. This crew was hardly ‘roughing it.’ In fact more than 40 people were hanging with Harding alone; including Secret Service, 10 photographers and maybe Turtle. Other people in the group included cooks, maintenance staff, family, friends and truck drivers.

turtle Social Networking: 1921
Who wants some Avion?

It’s hard to believe but the internet didn’t exist back then so instead of people watching funny cat videos, 100’s of onlookers came out in droves to just watch these guys roast marshmallows.

Can you imagine the conversations they had?




How A Twitter Community Fights Injustice

Someone stole my bike

I love Elaine Ellis and have known her for a while now. Today I was absolutely shocked to find out that she owned a bike.

Elaine and I sharpened our chops at a local Boulder PR agency that not only got me my start but made me realize that the typical PR role wasn’t really for me…moving on.

When someone out there in the Boulder community had the audacity to take her beloved bicycle I was outraged and naturally wanted to do my part in any way to help her regain what was rightfully hers. My girlfriend went through the same ordeal not long ago so I know firsthand the heartache it can bring upon a person.

It all started on Saturday, with this tweet:

Screen shot 2011 05 23 at 7.07.17 PM How A Twitter Community Fights Injustice

Monday morning Elaine’s roommate Rachel (@wittytwit) got word that her office neighbors actually saw the bike theft go down. This actually prompted the initial post, “Have You Seen This Bike Thief.”

Screen shot 2011 05 23 at 10.50.17 AM How A Twitter Community Fights Injustice

This picture is really the only reason there was a fighting chance that Elaine would get her bike back so kudos.

At this point anyone who with a soul, a somewhat acceptable moral compass and part of the amazing Boulder Twitterati did their part and spread the word. I’m actually surprised @ElaineEllis wasn’t trending on Twitter. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picassa, Twitpic and even carrier pigeons out there were filled with the image of some guy with a towel on a bike.

All and all 138 people tweeted the message, 24 people shared it on Facebook and Elaine saw over 900 views on the article on her blog. By the time mid afternoon rolled around the suspect found himself a nickname (Dready Dave) and Elaine was filling out a police report. Not more than an hour or so later, @DanPierson (apparently a real Boulder badass who likes to visit Liquor Mart on Monday afternoons…Dan you’re my best friend) was requesting backup and knew the whereabouts of the suspect at large. Believe it or not it was the questionable looking towel that did Dready Dave in.

Even the CEO (@nielr1) of Trada where Elaine works rallied up a crew and marched down to 13th and Arapahoe to get in on the action.

Waiting for the Police to arrive, the gang followed Dready Dave at a safe distance. The 911 call was placed and within moments the authorities apprehended the suspect and Elaine was reunited with her glorious bike.

scaled How A Twitter Community Fights Injustice

Here’s what’s fascinating. A community of people that may or may not have really known each other focused around a sole purpose: find a stolen bike. This group formed within minutes from inside and outside of Boulder via social media. These people came together to help someone in their time of need RT’ing from their office (that would be me), commenting on Elaine’s blog, sharing her story with those on Facebook and even calling friends (how 20th Century) with the latest news.

From start to finish Elaine got her bike back within 7 hours of @danpierson exceptional sleuth skills.

Just another example of our amazing community taking care of itself.

Boulder, you rock.




Have You Zaarlied Yet?

Introduction to Zaarly

Buyer driving local commerce: Enter Zaarly

You’re the one that decides what it is you want, what you’ll pay for it and when (and where) you want it.

Let’s say that you don’t own a car and live just a few hours shy of an ‘unnamed’ ski resort. ;-) On any other day you wouldn’t care but you hear that it’s going to snow 2 feet tomorrow! With Zaarly you can search for a ride up to the resort, agree upon a price and not miss out on any of the ridiculous powder.

Zaarly makes everything (except for the hard stuff like drugs and unicorn blood) up for sale. You name the good, price and distance you’re willing to go to get it and it’s yours.

Alright so let’s break it down. How does it work?

Something is listed on Zaarly and immediately everyone within a given range will be able to see it. The buyer can then pick from all of the given options but unlike Craigslist the buyer calls the seller via Twilio anonymously. Payment is then agreed upon on both the buyer and seller. This is the only sketchy aspect to the service that I could see people having an issue with. However, it sounds like Zaarly will be coming out with their own mobile payment option.

The founder, Bo Fishback out of Kauffman Labs, says that “Zaarly is a proximity-based, real-time, buyer-powered market. In short, if you’ve ever said ‘I’d pay X for Y,’ then Zaarly is the place where you go to make that happen. Buyers list what they want, how much they are willing to pay for it, and how quickly they want it, and people nearby make it happen.”

Oh and did I mention Ashton Kutcher is involved? He provided some of the funding for the company to get off the ground and running.

Now how long will it take for them to come out with an Android App?

Are you going to give Zaarly a try?