If you’re like me and cannot wait for the official Timeline release; pretend you’re a developer and you too can be an early adopter!

How to create your own Facebook Timeline


How To Setup Facebook Timeline:

  • Head on over to the Facebook Developers page
  • Click on the Apps button and give Mark Zuckerburg permission to access all of your data :-)
  • You’ll be taken to another page. Now click on the ‘Create New App’
    • This is where you can tell your future employer that you have incredible experience in the art of Facebook App Development
  • Now enter the ‘app display name’ and ‘app namesake’
    • To be quite honest, you can call this whatever you want. I called mine “headbutt a shark.”
    • Click the ‘open graph’ button on the left hand side.
    • Run through these pages. No need to do anything here. Just click ‘save’ at the bottom of the page.
  • In a few minutes, you’ll have an invitation at the top of your Facebook Profile to try out the new Timeline