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Reasons to move to Cananda

I really like Wolfgang Gartner a lot. I do. He’s got better and better tracks coming out every month it seems, including this one. Pretty sure I highlighted this a while back but the official video for ‘Illmerica’ was released last week or two weeks ago and I still go back to it. It’s memorizing [...]

Get Excited for Animal Rights…

This is going to be a massive hit in the next few weeks. Guaranteed. Turn it up, blow an eardrum or two, be happy.

La Roux vs Wolfgang

Wolfgang just finished this La Roux remix called ‘Yin For the Kill.’ The beat is pretty chill compared to the floor bangers normally found on the site but this song surely won’t disappoint. La Roux’s voice is absolutely intoxicating! Yin For The Kill If you want a more dubby version of Bulletproof I got you [...]

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