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Visual Orgasim: Daft Punk Derezzed

Give this a watch. Finally someone out there made a video that is worthy of Daft Punk.

More Daft Punkness

Thanks to Steve for this:

Daft Punk For President

I’m a little behind but I just saw TRON Legacy yesterday in IMAX 3D and I think it changed my life. Not only were the visual effects incredible but also the music (thank you DAFT PUNK) was just as good if not better. Well the LA based group Breakdown, have already remixed one of the [...]

Etienne De Crecy

This video is a bit old but it still throws down pretty hard. And although these effects might not be up to snuff with the likes of Daft Punk, Etienne De Crecy totally knows what he’s doing and puts on great shows.

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