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Happy Friday…

It’s Nasty Time!

It comes as no surprise that I rather enjoy a solid four minute banger with buildups, breakdowns and some dirty f*cking beats. That being said, Chewy Chocolate Cookies have just remixed a track from Larry Tee that will leave you gasping for air, holding your chest and have you begging for a respirator. Thus…I give [...]

Chewy Chocolate Cookies

These.Guys.Are.F@cking.Nuts. The Chewy Chocolate Cookies is NOT for the faint of heart and if listened to in the wrong frame of mind, you will explode. I can’t be any clearer. (See Visioneers) If you haven’t heard of these guys, you’re about to and you’ll be better for it. CCC-Numero The Cool Kids-88 (CCC Remix) CCC-It [...]

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