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Bloody Beetroots are in Luxembourg

The Bloody Beetroots will be traveling to my old ‘home away from home’ on June 12 to play in at ROCKHAL in Esch Sur Alzette. Now for those of you who haven’t been to Esch Sur Alzette or Luxembourg for that matter, Esch is where one of the few universities in the entire country resides. [...]

Wonkap Blows It Up Remix

So here’s yet another guy from Belguim that absolutely kills it. He probably plays at Untitled! every Saturday too. (jerk) Yet another reason why Europe (as a whole) is cooler than America. Say hello to Wonkap before he melts your face clean off. Here he is remixing one of the best tracks from 2009.   [...]

I Saw the Bloody Beetroots and Survived: Part 3

More clips from the Bloody Beetroots show:

I Saw The Bloody Beetroots and Survived: Part 2

Here’s one of my favorite photos I’ve seen from the show:

I Saw Bloody Beetroots and Survived

I saw the Bloody Beetroots with Clare, Harvey and Janet at the Ogden in Denver. Pretty hard to explain how was awesome it was. Here’s a clip of the opener. This DJ played some pretty cool tracks but I felt that he wasn’t into it at all. In fact it looked like he could have [...]

Bloody Beetroots LIVE at Crossover Festival…

Only a few more weeks until I get to seem them in Denver! THE BLOODY BEETROOTS DEATH CREW 77 Live CrossOver Festival

I Just Bought Some Tickets…

Now I know that many people consider the summer as ‘concert season’ but I disagree. It seems like (at least here in Colorado) the fall is really when things pick up. Every weekend (nearly every night to be exact) there’s an excuse to go to a venue (Beta, Fox, Ogden or otherwise) and I [...]

OCT. 26 and I’m there…

Death Crew 77 is back in Denver…

This is the culmination of my being…

This one goes out to @harvitronix

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