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I’m an American and I like soccer. This might be a strange sight to see…like an Albatross but today could be a really big deal for the future of THE sport in the states. Now before you go and totally write me off with ‘over-hyping’ this match, you need to know a few things. 1) [...]

Getting Physical…

Like Dubstep? Hit Play…

Mustard Pimp vs The Hives…

You may remember this old post from back in the day…if you don’t that’s ok but if you do, you know how much I value everything that Mustard Pimp makes. Here’s a nice little ‘gem’ to get you through your day. (@thatkidthere I’m looking at you.)

You Gotta ‘Stankfinga’

You need to see this Dr. in concert to cure your boring Miley Cyrus listening habits…it’s for your own good.

‘If You Want Me You Can Find Me In The…”

I love Sundays when it’s sunny, 65F and people are everywhere on Pearl…and this track. If I had to explain this track to someone who’s never heard of ‘techno’ I’d say it’s like trying to play ‘Whack A Mole’ at the Boulder Creek Fest tripping balls. It’s just so bouncy! :-) Make sure to check [...]

1977…the book

I’m sure as hell going to read it… Oh and BTW here’s a review of the show in SF on April 26, 2010: The Bloody Beetroots own the stage. For the longest time I have been looking for an electronic DJ to bridge the gap from DJing and samples to actually playing tracks live. The [...]

You Got 2 Know

Flux Pavilion + Lost Lake Beer + 95F + -Working on Monday = Memorial Day Weekend

I Needed To Go

The Cyberpunkers come right out of Italy and also wear masks like my other favorite band. Producers Massi Arena + Fabio Liuzzi (how Italian) are determined to come up with new sounds that will blow little ‘Raver Babies’ skulls in. Reader don’t be afraid, these guys have the support of some most notable DJ’s in [...]

Excision + Datsik

Warning! This track makes might make this happen:

Kele – Tendoroni

This makes me laugh: And this makes me think:

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