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Tenderlions are the sh*t

San Francisco’s very own Tenderlions: STFUSF MUSIC PRESENTS: TENDERLIONS LIVE AT BFD from STFUSF on Vimeo.

The Dø x Vitalic is a must listen

Check it out

GTronic dropping CHOP CHOP

GTRONIC is getting really heavy

BLITZKIDS and Japanese Popstars

Have fun in Telluride hippies, I’m heading to FIBARK but before I let you go give these tracks a listen.

F.O.O.L. Invasion (TrumpDisco)

F.O.O.L. might not be for you but it sure as hell is for me.

Skrillex – Reptile (FULL)

Hold on for dear life

Visual Orgasim: Daft Punk Derezzed

Give this a watch. Finally someone out there made a video that is worthy of Daft Punk.

Branding Done Right

Absolutely great content. Brands please take notice because if Altoids can do something like this a cool company should be able to make something even better. This has got me thinking…maybe I should do something like this for work…hmmmm :-) Altoids “Curiously Strong Awards” from Marc Ritzema on Vimeo.

Kid Gets OWNED by Mickey Mouse

This is how you totally destroy a little kids dream.

Good Luck!

I’m heading to Charleston for a bachelor party…hopefully I come back alive. While I’m gone salivate over this track: HAEZER – Good Luck Guys from OMGITM™ on Vimeo.

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