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What is Zaarly?

Buyer driving local commerce: Enter Zaarly

You’re the one that decides what it is you want, what you’ll pay for it and when (and where) you want it.

Let’s say that you don’t own a car and live just a few hours shy of an ‘unnamed’ ski resort. ;-) On any other day you wouldn’t care but you hear that it’s going to snow 2 feet tomorrow! With Zaarly you can search for a ride up to the resort, agree upon a price and not miss out on any of the ridiculous powder.

Zaarly makes everything (except for the hard stuff like drugs and unicorn blood) up for sale. You name the good, price and distance you’re willing to go to get it and it’s yours.

Alright so let’s break it down. How does it work?

Something is listed on Zaarly and immediately everyone within a given range will be able to see it. The buyer can then pick from all of the given options but unlike Craigslist the buyer calls the seller via Twilio anonymously. Payment is then agreed upon on both the buyer and seller. This is the only sketchy aspect to the service that I could see people having an issue with. However, it sounds like Zaarly will be coming out with their own  mobile payment option.

The founder, Bo Fishback out of Kauffman Labs, says that “Zaarly is a proximity-based, real-time, buyer-powered market. In short, if you’ve ever said ‘I’d pay X for Y,’ then Zaarly is the place where you go to make that happen. Buyers list what they want, how much they are willing to pay for it, and how quickly they want it, and people nearby make it happen.”

Oh and did I mention Ashton Kutcher is involved? He provided some of the funding for the company to get off the ground and running.

Now how long will it take for them to come out with an Android App?

Are you going to give Zaarly a try?

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