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Drew Android by Clare

How Clare sees me if I were an Android

Look what I made with my Nexus One

Pretty proud of this. Not gonna lie.

The New FB Pages…with a HOW TO!

Alright so community mangers and other social dweebs like myself have been in a flutter over the new look of Facebook Pages. For those of you who don’t manage a Page or spend much time on Facebook might not have really noticed the change which took place last Thursday. However if you go back to [...]

Skrillex vs Smash Gordon vs Le Castle Vania

Oh sweet mother of god…

ROBYN is sexy

‘I came to dance not to socialize’ So hot. #littlewomp

Reasons to move to Cananda

I really like Wolfgang Gartner a lot. I do. He’s got better and better tracks coming out every month it seems, including this one. Pretty sure I highlighted this a while back but the official video for ‘Illmerica’ was released last week or two weeks ago and I still go back to it. It’s memorizing [...]

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