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The Toxic Is Dead!

This video really impressed me. For one it’s super dark, has a guy in a mask (we all know I’m a fan) but most of all the track is pretty kick ass. Once again Paris + Toxic Avenger comes through and shows everyone else why they’re just not ‘there’ yet.


Yeah that’s the name of group that came up with this track…

Benga + Hatcha VS. Sin City

This is just sinister. Listening to this track gives me chills but I do like the ‘Sin City’ rip. Benga + Hatcha – Ton Heavy

Computer Juice

Sometimes you feel like this every once in a while…

The Rouge Element

Yeah I have no idea who they are either but Mistakes is a pretty rad song. Not my typical post (considering I usually just post bangers) but I can see this lending itself to a really creative remix. The Rogue Element – Mistakes

Spike Jonze is back…

Say what you want about LCD Soundsystem, but whenever Spike Jonze does something…you better take notice:

Dinosaurs w/ Guns

This scares me… Teki Latex – "Dinosaurs With Guns"Uploaded by Institubes. – Explore more music videos. Especially the clip towards the end, of the 2008 Olympic games. That many people…doing the exact same thing at the same time doesn’t sit well with me.


Housse de racket

I’m tired so I’m going to let Danger Danger say this for me :: The French duo Housse De Racket are getting ready to release their single Oh Yeah! at the end of May through KUSKUS Records and are loading up the release with new names and big skills. The Swizz juggernaut We Love Machines [...]

What a difference a year makes…

I saw Bloody roughly one year ago at The Ogden down in Denver. It was my first time ever seeing them live, I was jobless, lived in debt, had no direction and didn’t know what my next move was. To put it plainly, I was lost…but that’s totally fine bc not only did that make [...]

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