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Happy Birthday To Me

I’m 25…so what?

Holy Di*k Fu*k Batman! I’m old!

Right… So tomorrow is my 25th birthday which means that in no time at all I’m going to breakdown, freak-out, sell off all of my possessions, book a flight to Paris,  sip on overpriced coffee (that I don’t enjoy) and try to ‘find myself’ in what many call the dreaded: QUARTER LIFE CRISIS …ok fine [...]

Hostage – Essential Mix

So you may have heard of Hostage before on this blog. I love the man. Maybe it’s his Scottish accent, his old world charm or possibly it’s because he throws down some of the dirtiest dance beats known to humankind. Here he is on the Annie Mac show, recorded live in his hometown of Edinburgh. [...]

Geriatrics + Thongs + Booze = Heart Attacks

Don’t you wish you were partying with this guy? …there’s no song I just couldn’t help myself

Noisia – Machine Gun

This is what happens when the Adams Family meets Salvador Dali in an Opium Den… Listen to more here: Noisia

We Don’t Care

They just don’t care…

The Electro Wars

The Electro Wars Teaser 2 from Stephen Alex Vasquez on Vimeo.

Shiny Toy Guns

4, 3, 2, 1 Earth below us drifting, falling. Floating weightless calling, calling home… Shiny Toy Guns have been one of those bands I’ve always had an affinity for…the funny thing is it doesn’t make sense why I even like them. They are definitely softer than anything I listen to these days & they remind [...]

Tape Deck Bros

What’s with me and DJ’s that wear masks? Let’s be honest here, it’s absolutely NO surprise that I’m a fan of the Bloody Beetroots, Daft Punk and any hardcore DJ group that wear something over their face. Tape Deck Bros have continuously blown me away. Hailing from the same country that produced Deadmau5 & Crystal [...]

the SUBS

This track is in honor of the upcoming weekend… and of this photo: Mitsubitchi (Bobermann Remix)

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