Why is it that sometimes one tweet receives higher engagement than another?

Maybe it’s the content itself. Some people just don’t care about your lovely ham sandwich you instagramed. (Then again it’s Instagram so anything is possible.)

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Have you ever considered the time of day in which you sent the tweet out? If so read on because I’ve looked over all of my tweets (both professional and personal) over the last month to try and define why some tweets work out better than others.

What I found it that it all comes down to data. Enter SocialBro.

Optimize your Tweets

SocialBro is a social media dashboard to rule them all. It gives you a huge amount of information about your Twitter account (and hopefully someday Facebook.) SocialBro’s algorithm finds out the optimal time when most of your followers are online to see your tweets.  Not only that they’ll also tell you:

  • When your followers are online?
  • Online followers by hour
  • Online followers by day of week
  • Potential exposure by hour
  • Potential exposure by day of week
  • When you get more RTs and replies?
  • Replies & RTs by hour
  • Replies & RTs by day of week
  • Reach by hour
  • Reach by day of week

Honestly there is so much stuff SocialBro throws at you, chances are you won’t be able to catch any of it. In fact if it wasn’t for the beautiful UI, this would be a horrible tool.

Real Time Analytics

One of my favorite SocialBro functions is the new Real Time Analytics feature. Simple enough idea. It solves the question, who is online right now and what are they saying?

With a click of a button I’m able to see:

  • Who are the active users tweeting right now
  • Top languages
  • Top apps/clients being used
  • Active users per second


You can target you research really well by:

  • Time zone
  • Language
  • Number of Followers
  • Times Listed
  • Activity
  • Peerindex Score
  • Location
  • Biography Keyword
  • and more…

SocialBro also provides a display of your followers, showing you who isn’t following you back, which of your followers you aren’t following back, inactive “friends” (people who don’t tweet much), inactive followers, famous/influential followers, and famous/influential people you follow.

This could be a great feature for your brand to utilize because you can see who out of your followers might be beneficial for you to follow. For example, if you sell skiing equipment and Bobby Brown (not that Bobby Brown) suddenly starts following you, he’s a user you are certainly going to want to follow back and engage with.

There’s also a nifty comparison tool that allows you to analyze your Twitter competition. By entering in your competition’s handle, you can discover all of the same data about their followers that is available for your profile, assuming their handle is public.

WTF Does This All Mean? How Will This Help Me?

You can go through your competition’s followers and begin following users if you believe they might be someone you would like to follow and would like to follow you.

SocialBro is just so awesome I don’t know where to go from here…I honestly think it is the best Twitter marketing suites out there. Period.

I’m not the only one that thinks so. In fact Chevy, Volkswagen, Dunlop, Dell, IBM and others use SocialBro…and now Vail Resorts.


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