Skiing Colorado in June

wpid IMG 20110626 095237 Skiing Colorado in June
I took this little picture on the way back home this morning near Loveland Pass.

It’s June..and you can still ski here in Colorado. I shit kid you not. In fact I did just that yesterday morning at Arapahoe Basin.

Now let’s not get too crazy. The conditions were not great but then again skiing in shorts and a t-shirt (or if you’re @sombreroguy, bareback) is a pretty fun thing to say.

BareBack Billy Skiing Colorado in June
Aaron dropped knees all day long without a shirt on...and now you're jealous




My Feature on SmartyPig and Great Customer Service

Recently I was featured on SmartyPig after a pretty mundane trip to the mechanic. Like most of you out there, visiting the mechanic can seem like a near death experience. An experience that can leave you feeling pretty great about yourself or one that leaves you in the gutter, savings depleted and crying for your mother. To be honest, I was close to the latter but with the help of SmartyPig I made it out alive without freaking out and crying.


Over the past few weeks I’ve put a small amount of money into my ‘car problems’ goal; we’re talking $50-$75 a month. No skin off my nose.

I took my car in for a routine oil change where the mechanic brought a few things to my attention. My engine belt was severely worn. We’re talking, “Sir this could snap at any point in time. You’re lucky.” To my reply, “Uhhh cars wear belts too?” Apparently they do and apparently mine was looking really really bad. As well as the worn belt was the wonderful news that my tires were worn unevenly resulting in a tire rotation.

After everything was said and done I owed Jiffy Lube $117.40 which isn’t a lot of money but unexpected charges are never fun. I’m glad I had a random car fund setup.

So after all of that, Sarah F. at SmartyPig saw this tweet:

SmartyPig 300x127 My Feature on SmartyPig and Great Customer Service

Which prompted the SmartyPig team to reach out on Twitter to eventually take the conversation offline where (after a few emails) I thanked those guys for not only their product but the quick turnaround.

It’s funny, this is what I do on a daily basis but it still feels so good when someone else out there reaches out and does the same thing to me.

THANK YOU SmartyPig. I’m a big fan and will continue to be one of your customers.



Back at it again

wpid IMG 20110620 182134 Back at it again

Funny. As a kid the golf course used to be a sitter of sorts…or at least my favorite place to be in the summer. Now as an ‘adult’ I can count on 2 hands how many times I’ve played.

I’m really going to try to make an effort this summer to get on more and get that handicap down!

Here’s to being a scratch golfer. 

Social Networking: 1921

This is a complete rip from my good friend Nick Seguin but I thought it should be repeated.

tumblr lmql89YkSk1qzde7qo1 500 300x204 Social Networking: 1921
Nothing like the most influential minds sitting around a fire.

That would be  Henry Ford, Thomas Edison , Warren G. Harding, and Harvey Firestone in  Maryland, 1921. They called themselves the ‘vagabonds’ which always makes me laugh. This crew was hardly ‘roughing it.’ In fact more than 40 people were hanging with Harding alone; including Secret Service, 10 photographers and maybe Turtle. Other people in the group included cooks, maintenance staff, family, friends and truck drivers.

turtle Social Networking: 1921
Who wants some Avion?

It’s hard to believe but the internet didn’t exist back then so instead of people watching funny cat videos, 100’s of onlookers came out in droves to just watch these guys roast marshmallows.

Can you imagine the conversations they had?




Mark Zuckerberg is Engaged?

That’s right folks, the rumor mills are out of control with this one.

facebook ceo mark zuckerberg drives an acura tsx 2 300x196 Mark Zuckerberg is Engaged?
"Oh hey future Mrs. Zuckerberg. Do you like the new $7M house I bought for you?"

Mark Zuckerberg is said to be engaged with Priscilla Chan! (Who the hell is that?)

What I find hilarious is that the ‘leak’ came from fellow billionaire Bad Boy Bill Gates in an interview with the English publication, Daily Mail. Do you think William would be spreading rumors for any particular reason? Did Slick Will misspeak? What does all of this mean?!?! (Probably nothing at all.)

Here’s what Mr. Gates said:

“His fiancée Priscilla thought about education and he gave money to Newark, New Jersey, and we did a co-grant so that some of our people who had some expertise in that field could help him out.”

According to the NY Daily News, Zuck and Chan met while at Harvard and still characterize their romantic status as “in a relationship” on Facebook.

To be honest I really don’t care but I thought that this tid-bit of info could be fun for you on a Sunday.