The Outbreak is upon us

Zomboy Outbreak

One of my favorite DJ/Producers Zomboy just came out with his latest album release in over a year and it’s blowing me away. I can’t help but put this on at any hour of the day. In fact I started listening to this album at 7:00am this morning…

From YourEDM:

The “Nuclear”  opener succeeds in hitting a crazy range of styles in continuous motion: deep reggae vocals (made popular by Skrillex on songs like Make It Bun Dem and Ragga Bomb); bouncy, iron-fist bass a la Knife Party; beautiful, melodic interludes; even a last minute drum & bass breakdown. In just over 6 minutes, the track circles the EDM world, flowing between its varied segments with masterful composition. Perhaps Zomboy’s most thorough and comprehensive production yet.

My favorite track has got to be Nuclear. What about you?


Computer Club & Must Die! – Win or Lose (featuring Anna Yvette)

This is the first track on Computer Club’s latest EP entitled ‘Win or Lose’ that dropped January 15th on Exploratory Recordings.

The vision for this label is to release music in the bass music and house worlds, with a no holds barred attitude towards genres. First up is the Win Or Lose EP which features collaborations with notable artists Must Die!, Anna Yvette, and Gosteffects, plus also features a remix from Infuze. This EP features a bit of a departure for the Computer Club sound, starting with the safe confines of house music, but delving into more experimental realms of drum and bass and trap.

Computer Club1 300x3001 Computer Club & Must Die!   Win or Lose (featuring Anna Yvette)

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Kill The Noise Attacks Beta Nightclub

Kill The Noise destroyed Halloween this year when he threw down at the Beatport office.  In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t some sort of animal sacrifice going on behind the tables.

All kidding aside, I’ll be heading to Beta Nightclub on Friday night to see Kill The Noise in action and I am RATHER excited about it! So to get ready I found the hour long Halloween Mix recorded at the Beatport office. Enjoy!


483525 10152330675980319 1323034553 n Kill The Noise Attacks Beta Nightclub

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Dubstep meets Social Media?

This hardly ever happens.

I never get to talk about my other blog on here because it doesn’t really apply but once I saw what NERO did today I finally had an excuse to use the word ‘dubstep’ on here so it’s kind of a red letter day.

This some good ‘ol quality dubstep VS social media. I’m not talking about a tweet here or there or (oh my goodness) a foursquare badge. This is some solid work from world class producer NERO.

Log onto the NEROUK Facebook Page and play the ‘Streets of Rage’ inspired arcade game while listening to your choice of the dirtiest track you want.

If you’re sitting there asking yourself:

What’s the point in developing a game like this? What’s the ROI?

Then you’re really not seeing the full potential of what’s going on here.

1) Holy word of mouth Batman.
I can’t wait to see some stats on this but I can guarantee this will be one of the most successful campaigns ever seen by a dubstep producer. So many people want to not only play this game but more importantly, SHARE with their friends.
2) One of the best ways I’ve seen to preview an album
You can sit there and listen in the background but because of the video game nature, you have to actively participate while you’re listening to the album. It makes you take action by clicking around and kicking some punk ass!

Whether or not you’re a fan of NERO, at least from a marketing perspective you have to appreciate what’s going on here. Take 3 minutes and play around. I bet you’ll have fun.

Dubstep vs social media. Damn it’s a beautiful thing.